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Social media management - communication seminar - exhibition project

Partner of Your success.

Communication strategy, brand identity, events, web design

Partner of Your success.

Real Estate and exclusive events locations

Protego Srl

PASSION and creativity

PROTEGO was born as support services company for architectural firms, construction companies and real estate developers to offer any kind of technical and legal assistance, to optimize the processes of creation and enhancement of real estate assets and / or individual operations.
The training activity, conferences, seminars, workshops etc. on the topics of architectural and territorial planning grows and increases strictly connected with the consulting business.
The passion to promote the landscape's beauty through a synergistic work with other professionalities has today led the company to gain experience to support companies and professionals in promoting their products and enhancing their presence on the national and international market through the MEDIA: this is how Protego Art is born!

Protego Art is the new brand from Protego Srl. Our staff joins a wide range of professionalities connected to a well-established network of partners joined with market and planning specialists.

PROTEGO ART: FASCINATING COMMUNICATION is the first step towards success.

We work in the boundless world of image, fashion, brand identity and communication.
Our experience is focused on providing companies and professionals our skills to produce photographic services, movies and high-level contents in the most diverse specializations of advertising such as fashion, beauty, still-life, reportage...


Protego is creative advice, development of communication strategies, bold ideas.

Protego collaborates with valid professionals in all areas of comunication offering a complete consulting service, identifying opportunities for innovation to increase the presence of a customer in the market. Starting with a thorough study of the brand, we work closely with the commercial and internal marketing teams to establish immediate and long-term goals for the customer.


art design events, opening boutiques, new collections, fashion shows connected parties and private, we create atmospheres that leave a memory in time.

Protego organizes fashion shows and special events for quality brands, cultural organizations. Our approach to each production is extremely creative and personalized, with events designed to realize the creative vision of our customers. Particular attention is then paid to the choice of location that must be in line with the brand and the theme of the event. The guest lists are enriched by our database of VIPs and contacts with the media to ensure the right balance between exclusivity and prestige with a coverage of high quality editorial events.


Through the use of prestigious technologies and creative collaborations we improve the exclusivity of the brand and a cutting social edge appeal

Protego develops digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and make the online company more impactful. we create authentic experiences of luxury brands integrated on web, mobile and social platforms through the quality of content and public involvement initiatives. The social media team, photographers, directors and developers open the door to new ways of expression in the online realm.


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Communication is dynamism, genius, experience and imagination. Play a leading role in this continuous evolutionn.

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